The African Caucus of the Governors of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established in 1963 to provide a conducive environment for the African Governors to coordinate and harmonise their positions in order to effectively safeguard the interests of Africa, and to reap the benefits of membership of the Bretton Woods Institutions. Its membership is made up of Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors from all African countries. Botswana assumed the chairmanship of the African Caucus in October 2016 at the IMF and WBG Annual meetings in Washington DC, USA.  In this respect, the 2017 African Caucus meeting will be held in Gaborone, Botswana from the 2nd - 4th August, 2017.

Venue of Meetings

The African Caucus meeting will be held at Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC).


The African Caucus of the Governors of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be attended by:

  • Ministers of Finance of member countries
  • Central Bank Governors of member countries
  • World Bank and IMF Executives
  • Other officials    


The final programme for the meeting will be circulated to all participants prior to the meeting. Download the Draft Programme here.

Registration and Accreditation

All delegates to the African Caucus meeting will require registration and accreditation. Accreditation of delegates will be done at the Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC) from the 31st July 2017.

NB: All Delegates will be issued with identification badges and access to the meeting rooms will strictly be on identification.

Arrival of Delegates and Hotel/Airport Transfers

Delegates will be transported to their hotels upon arrival in accordance with their itineraries.

A Protocol Officer will be attached to the delegation per country to assist the delegation during their stay in Botswana and act as liaison person between the delegation and the host country on all pertinent issues.

All aircrafts bringing delegates to the African Caucus meeting will land and take off at the Sir Seretse Khama International (SSKI) Airport. 

Delegates are kindly requested to convey to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development the itineraries of their respective delegates by 10th July, 2017, including the date, time, flight number and the name of the carrier they will use.

Delegations travelling using air chatter operators should apply for International Non-Scheduled Air Transport Permit through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) before the 28th July, 2017. Private jets and state aircrafts are exempted from these applications. The application form is as attached in Annex 7. To submit applications, delegates are kindly requested to contact the following persons:

Lorato Seleke
Civil Aviation Authority
Tel: +267 368 8200
Fax: +267 395 3517

Michael Kgosi
Civil Aviation Authority
Tel: +267 368 8200
Fax: +267 395 3517

The security of all aircrafts at the SSKI Airport will be the responsibility of the Government of the Republic of Botswana. Parking, refuelling, air navigation, landing and handling charges will be borne by the respective delegations themselves. The transportation and accommodation of crews of the special aircraft is the responsibility of the respective delegations.

Travel by Road

The delegations wishing to travel by road should inform the Botswana authorities beforehand. They should provide the following details:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Registration number
  • Number and names of passengers
  • Point of entry and exit
  • Date and time of arrival and departure

Access to the Airport

The Airport is a high security sensitive area and hence access to certain areas of the terminal is restricted. In order for delegates to access the restricted Airport facilities (VIP lounge), the respective delegates are advised to submit the names of officers accompanying them by 10th July 2017. Names should be sent to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Prior arrangements (Annex 3) have to be made to enable vehicles and protocol officers access to the restricted areas.

In order for delegates to access the restricted Airport facilities (VIP lounge), the respective delegates are advised to submit the names of the officers, driver and registration number of the vehicles by 10th July 2017.


The schedule of the departure of chartered aircrafts should be communicated to the Protocol Office in advance. The luggage of delegates departing Botswana through the SSKI Airport should be at the airport, at least two (2) hours before the expected time of departure and in the company of at least one member of the delegation.

Immigration Formalities

All delegates should be in possession of a valid passport (valid for at least six months before expiry date).  The use of temporary passport or emergency travel certificate is not acceptable. All delegates who require Visa to enter the country of Botswana are required by law to produce the Visa on arrival. No Visa will be issued on arrival as per the immigration laws of Botswana. Visa application forms have been sent to all countries through the office of the World Bank (the form is also available here). Delegates are advised to contact the nearest Botswana embassy for assistance. Visa applications should start by May 2017 as delegates receive the forms.


  • All Delegates from countries that require Visa to enter Botswana (Visa Required Countries link) should start applying for VISA as soon as possible and be completed in English; (Click here for VISA application form).
  • All delegates including diplomats should fill in the VISA application forms, and attach the following:
    • a passport photo to the application form,
    • certified copies of passport pages (showing validity of passport, photograph and history)
  • All delegates should scan and send the application package (form and passport) to Botswana for processing at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, African Caucus 2017 Meeting Secretariat.
  • All delegates that require VISA have been exempted from VISA payments.
  • Delegates will be given a letter from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to use for travelling and boarding airlines and when entering the country.


The Government of Botswana will provide transport for all delegations from and to the airport.


The Government of Botswana will provide security and public order at the venue for the African Caucus meeting. Special security arrangements will be in place at all the en trances of the venues and access will be limited to only those who will be accredited for the event.  


Request for temporary importation of fire arms and ammunition should be submitted to the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation (Click here for application form).

Communication Equipment

Request for temporary importation of communication equipment should be submitted to the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation, with the following information included: type of equipment, serial number of communication equipment and frequencies.


All members of the media who wish to cover the African Caucus meeting and access the Conference Centre and other areas accessible to media practitioners are required to be accredited through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development starting by the 17th July 2017.

The accreditation application form (Annex 6) should be accompanied by a copy of the passport page indicating the applicants name, passport number, date, place of issue and expiry date. A list of equipment and serial numbers should also be attached.  

Members of the media arriving from outside Botswana should declare their equipment to customs agents at point of entry. 

Medical and Health Services

Delegates are encouraged to include medical travel insurance when making arrangements for their travel. A medical Centre will be located at the venue of the meeting to provide emergency or primary health care when required.

Princess Marina Hospital will receive delegates who may require professional treatment. 

Private medical health care can also be accessed at, but not limited to: 

  • Bokamoso Private Hospital – Tel: +267 3694000
  • Gaborone Private Hospital – Tel: +267 3901999

Health Requirements

All visitors to Botswana who travel from or through yellow fever endemic areas must carry a valid vaccination certificate, including Nationals who stayed or transited through yellow fever endemic areas.